Martial Arts Movies From Around The World

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The forgotten films, some of the Best movies that where enjoyed by millions from around the world.

Kung Fu Movies

Spaghetti Westerns

Sword And Sandels

Italian Horror and Sci- Fi

English Horror and Sci-Fi

Spanish Horror

Mexican Horror and Wrestling Films

Hong Kong Gangster Films

Euro-Ganster Films from the 1950's to Date.

Comic Books-Kung Fu,Kung Fu Magazines and Western comic books of Interests.


I have been a fan of forign films and comic books for over fifty years and collecting them as far back as the 70's on 8mm film and having fun meeting and talking with fans from all over the world.......

If you need any information on Public Domain Films,Comic Book Super Heroes From 1900 to Dated, Please call me and info will be given on known films.

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Over 325 ocean movies to trade.

1000's of Public Domain Movies out There.

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